I did a post on the first things women notice when approached by men. I surveyed a group of ladies and made a list of the most popular responses. Amongst that list was shoes.

Shoes are one of the first things ladies look at when they’re approached by men. The right pair of shoes can make an ensemble. It’s like icing on the cake. The wrong pair of shoes will ruin an outfit. I personally believe that certain shoes go better with khakis, while other shoes go better with jeans. This is because of the difference in the two materials and how the pants fit. A relaxed khaki is going to fit differently than a relaxed denim, the same is true for a straight fit and so on. So you need shoes to compliment both jeans and khakis.

In my humble opinion, I think a man needs at least 8 pairs of shoes. He needs a brown and black shoe for denim as well as a brown and black shoe for khakis. He also needs brown and black dress shoes for suits or slacks, and at least one pair of sneakers and one pair of boots. That’s the minimum. The summer inspires a lot of moving around from family cook outs, to walks in the park, to jogs on the beach, road trips etc so additional sneakers and sandals wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Wearing a nice shoe gives you an opportunity to show your sense of style and your level of attention to detail. Remember fellas women are inspecting, and an opportunity missed is an opportunity lost. So invest in a nice shoe selection. You’ll be happy you did.

Shoe examples for denim, khaki, and slacks and shorts. Oxfords, wing tips, casual sneakers, Jordan sandals, timberland boots cole haan boots red wings.