I find The cliche saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” to be very true. Your initial interaction with a person aides them in formulating an opinion of you. Their opinion of you plays a large role in how they will treat you. It takes a person about 30 seconds to formulate an opinion of you. When it comes to being groomed we are most concerned with the opinion of the ladies. (That’s right ladies it’s all about you.) Since I know this to be true I decided to survey a few women and see just what it is they look at when they initially meet a man. The most popular answers are Teeth/smile, shoes, clothes/style of dress, hands/fingernails, eyes, and hair. Here’s some reasoning behind why the ladies said what they said

  1. Teeth ~ You’re teeth are a reflection of your overall hygiene, not just your oral hygiene. If you don’t take care of your teeth which are very visible it’s kinda assumed that you neglect other body parts that aren’t visible. A beautiful smile is warm, encouraging, and welcoming. It creates a certain level of comfort for a woman when conversing with you.
  2. Shoes ~ Women see your shoes as a reflection of your financial position. A man who has on beat up, crummy shoes is perceived as cheap and unwilling to date a woman appropriately. If a man doesn’t take pride in his shoes it is implied he doesn’t take pride in his overall appearance.
  3. Clothes/style of dress ~ Women want a man who knows how to be fit for every occasion. She doesn’t want to have to worry about what her man will be wearing every time they go out. She wants a man who compliments her with his style of dress. The same way we look at a woman with adoration when she is put together nicely women want the chance to do the same. Your clothes cover up 95% of your body so naturally women will assess what you’re wearing. A nice ensemble lets a woman know you have the ability to be thoughtful.
  4. Hands/fingernails ~ Your hands speak without sign language. When your hands are clean, manly, and manicured (I’m not talking polished but neat and trimmed) women think a couple things. One thing she thinks is I wouldn’t mind being touched by those hands. Another thing she thinks is does he work? Can he provide? Do his hands say provision? Are they familiar with working? Women want a man’s hands to be strong, clean, maintained, and gentle. She doesn’t want to be touched by bear paws
  5. Eyes ~ A woman looks into a man’s eyes when they are interested in him. Women often use their eyes to convey that message. Making and maintaining eye contact with a woman shows her you’re interested in her, and that your confident. Shying away from eye contact implies weakness and desperation. Some Women believe that they can tell if a man is a cheater, a liar, married, or honest and sincere all by his eyes.
  6. Hair ~ You’re hair is a interesting because when she sees your hair shes not necessarily thinking about you. Of course she checks out your hair to see if you took time to groom yourself but that’s just the half. Women have trained eyes and minds when is comes to meeting men. They’re not just looking they’re inspecting. When she sees your hair she thinks will my baby have his hair line or grade of hair? Will I have to deal with him going bald in his old age? Will he look like Sherman Hemsley aka Ernest Frye. When looking at your hair it’s often more about them than it is you.

The ladies care and they’re watching, so fellas go the extra mile. She’ll thank you for it.

Image Credit: Classic105.com / Cynthia Misiki