You don’t have to be a sneakerhead to appreciate a nice pair of sneakers. Sneakers are interesting because of their multiple designs and their evolution. The first so called sneakers were rubber soled shoes with rubber-bands around them, kind of like today’s sandals. They were called plimsolls. Needless to say they weren’t very supportive or sturdy. The first pair of actual sneakers were Keds a rubber soled shoe with a canvas upper. Shortly after the creation of Keds another canvas upper rubber soled shoe came on the the scene the converse all stars. They were created solely for basketball. To this day they are the best selling basketball shoe of all time. Sneakers eventually went international when two German brothers created Adidas and pumas. Jesse Owens wore Adidas in in the 1936 Olympics in which he won 4 gold medals. That gave the shoe real national notoriety. So as you can see there was a time when sneakers were only worn for athletic purposes. Now they’re perceived as acceptable work and play attire. Sneakers are considered to be any rubber soled shoes with a leather or canvas upper part. That definition gives sneakers a wide spectrum for interpreting which shoes are sneakers and which ones are not. For the sake of this post I’m not going to argue semantics. The focus of this post is how to look mature opposed to looking like you’re going to basketball practice while wearing sneakers. Because let’s face it as smooth as oxfords, wingtips, and drivers may be some men just aren’t into those kinds of shoes. So here are some sneakers that have the potential to give you a urban casual, mature look. Those sneakers are the nike air max 1, and Air Force 1, the converse chuck Taylor Allstars, the new balance 574, puma Roma and GV and a classic designer sneaker. (ie. Kenneth Cole, Cole haan, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ted Baker etc.) I like to think of them as “staple sneakers” They’re staples because they offer versatility, timelessness, and of course a sense of maturity when worn. They can be pivotal pieces to your shoe collection. These sneakers can be worn with collared shirts whether it be a polo or a button up shirt. Some can even be worn with sweaters, vest, blazers and ties. So there’s no age cut off for wearing sneakers. However the way they are worn and the sneakers that are worn should reflect your age and level of maturity. Peace and Love