I’m not a huge fan of urban wear not because it’s not nice but because it won’t stand the test of time. Not only does it not stand the test of time urban wear is typically billboard-ish. A lot of those brands have labels all over them. Along with cheesy labels they go out of style quickly, and they’re over priced. So you pay a couple hundred dollars for an outfit (because urban wear is all about matching shirts with pants) just for it to go out of style next year. That sounds like throwing money away to me.

Considering the fact that money doesn’t grow on trees it’s better to be more practical with our purchases. So it is important to invest in clothing that will always be in style. Shop with a purpose, shop to build. That’s why I’m a firm believer of choosing timeless over trendy buys. Having a solid wardrobe is about having dateless quality pieces that can be mixed matched and built upon. Following the latest trends opposed to classics, limits your wardrobe building potential. It also prevents you from having a clean mature look.

Timeless classic pieces are durable and basic but yet versatile. Some staple wardrobe pieces are a blue jean jacket, a black leather jacket, a pair dark blue denim, khaki and navy chinos, a white button up, a black and brown belt and black and brown lace up shoes. Be fit for every occasion.