There comes in a time in every mans life when he has to ask hisself the question. Am I dressing my age? Is my wardrobe age appropriate? Men in there 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s need to have a few distinct wardrobe pieces, shopping habits, and grooming habits  to be deemed age appropriate for their particular age. 

Let’s talk about grooming.  Having the right hair style is essential for being perceived properly. All hairstyles are not age appropriate. For example: The mohawk, the high top fade, the gumby, or the shag are hairstyles for men in their late teens and early twenties. Men in there thirties and forties should wear taper fades, classic bald fades, light fades, evens, and tapered small Afros. Facial hair grooming is important as well. Wild untamed  beards and mustaches come off as immature and careless. Facial hair should always be neat and lined up. Hair is apart of your total package so I wanted to touch on it a little. Now let’s move on to clothes, your clothes speak for you before you get a chance to say a word, so dressing age appropriate sets the foundation for how you’ll be perceived. When it comes to physical appearance people definitely judge a book by its cover. I’m going talk about 3 age groups 20’s 30’s 40’s. 

Your 20’s are a time to take risk and be more trendy than any other time in your life. Urban wear and clothes with labels are more acceptable in your 20’s. I’m not suggesting you wear gaudy labels like billboards but some graphic tees and holey jeans are expected in your 20’s. However it is the time when you start the journey of building a wardrobe for longevity. At 25 most men are done with college, and they’re trying to get established as a self sufficient adult. This is the time when they try to figure out what direction they want to go in, and what is really the best career path to take. So some of the things needed in your closet to make sure you’re dressing your age  in your 20’s are: a grey suit, a blue blazer, a white button up shirt, a leather jacket, dark blue jeans, a nice pair of chinos (tan or grey) a nice pair of casual sneakers, a nice pair of brown dress shoes, and a nice neck tie. This is the foundation for dressing well in your twenties. 

Your 30’s is time when you’re becoming more secure in your manhood and you want to be seen as mature, respectful responsible man. At this time most men are on a stable career path and they’re trying to gain momentum and stability. This is the time when men should really think about buying for longevity, this is the time to think about buying pieces that may be a little more expensive but they’ll last a long time. This is the time to ditch stores like Aeropastle, Abercrombie,  Jimmy Jazz, Men Alive and H&M and start going to stores like the Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew, Brooks Brothers and quality department stores like Nieman Marcus Nodrstroms and Saks 5th Avenue.  At this time most men are working full time, so they’ll need professional attire and after 5 happy hour attire. Some of the things needed in your closet to make sure you’re dressing your age in your 30’s are : a blue suit, a light blue dress shirt, a pair of grey wool trousers, a nice watch, a neck tie and bowtie collection, a few casual button up shirts, black dress shoes, a designer casual sneaker and a nice brown and black belt. This the foundation for dressing well in your 30’s

Your 40’s is a time for stability. The hiccups and hangups you dealt with in your 20’s and 30’s should be gone.  Dressing in your 40’s is about quality and fit. Your clothes should not look cheap and they need to fit properly. Pieces from your 20’s and 30’s like a leather jacket, dark blue jeans a nice suit are all still essential in your 40’s but they must fit perfectly. You should be fully aware of how your clothes should and you should have a tailor. In your 40’s maturity is key. You don’t want to be seen as the old guy trying to look young. Instead you want to look like the guy who is seasoned, stylish, and intelligent. Some things needed in your closet to make sure you’re dressing your age in your 40’s are a casual seersucker suit, a few good hats, pocket squares, a wool over coat, and dress boots. 

Of course these things should be expounded upon. These are just a few of the foundational pieces I deem as essential for every age category, there are more. I suggest you reach out to a fashion stylist and have a consultation to help you build the wardrobe you need. Every decade should show growth and progression when it comes to your sense of style. 

Peace & Love