How important are your feet to you? What role do they play in your everyday activities? Most men have jobs that require them to use their feet quite a bit. Imagine how inconvenient your life would be without feet (for my readers without feet you have my deepest sympathy) Your feet are your foundation like tires are to a car. The average person takes 2,000 steps a day. That’s approximately 30,000 steps a month. If it’s important to maintain your car with oil changes, tire rotations, tire changes and fluid checks it’s more important to maintain your feet since they’re your primary means for transportation.(you have two Cadillacs and didn’t even know it) Yet men neglect their feet all the time.

Getting a pedicure is a great aid in keeping your feet healthy and to help maximize their full potential. There are specific benefits that come along with getting a pedicure. Pedicures improve foot health, release stress, reduce foot odor, prevent ingrown toenails, and make your feet look good! A pedicure consist of a foot soak, nail trim, cuticle cleaning, nail cleaning, exfoliating foot scrub, and a foot massage. It’s like sweet music to the ears of your feet. Let’s face it your feet take a beating so why not treat them to a nice soaking and massage. Exfoliating and scrubbing the feet rids them of dead skin and prevents the accumulation of bunions and corns that may come from ware and tare being placed on the feet. Trimming the toenails helps with shoe comfort and prevents nails breaking off on their own causing pain. Massaging the feet will help relieve stress tremendously.

It’s not a coincidence that ladies go get pedicures on a regular. It’s not just to get their nails polished, they can do that themselves. They go for the overall experience. So fellas take notes from the ladies and give your feet a treat. There’s nothing wrong with giving your feet extra attention it doesn’t make you soft or any less of a man. It makes you mature.

Image Credit: SB Nation/ Sarah Kogod