2020 has been a year for the ages. From allegations on a political scale to viruses spreading in pandemic fashion, this year has been quite the eye-opener for literally millions of people. When declaring a victor for the ‘Most Draining Event of the Year’, the COVID-19 pandemic easily takes the cake. Moreover, the media has terrified men with beards across the globe amidst the Coronavirus. Here’s why:

Facial Hair: COVID-19’s Catch-22

Although there have not been any true medical advancements towards the eradication of the Coronavirus, there have been countless articles and quips naming the slew of harmful habits that can lead to getting COVID-19. One of these concerns is associated with men who possess excess facial hair. The medical logic here is that body hair of all kinds can defend as well harmful bacteria and microbes. Therefore, the more facial hair men possess, the higher the chance of them contracting the Coronavirus. Combine this idea with the mandatory mask ordinances in effect across the nation and you have a recipe for a cesspool of bacteria in your mustache and beard.

Theoretically, there is a great deal of truth in the previous statement. However, the eradication of bacteria within the facial hair can be quite simple with a bit of antibacterial solution and exfoliator. Since most soaps and shampoos are more harsh on the face than the body, traditional approaches are not recommended. Depending on your skin type, a mild to moderate face wash  and a bit of elbow grease will do the job. There are facial washes, exfoliators, and even beard shampoos available that are designed to cleanse, moisturize and grant your beard new life. Please use those opposed to regular soap. For more information on how to properly wash and moisturize your facial hair, and to stay up-to-date on proper facial hair maintenance, men’s grooming, men’s fashion, and everything else that makes a Man a Gentleman, be sure to subscribe to our e-newsletter!